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What in the world do you do when you get a great book review?

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suppose that’s a silly headline. We all know what to do when (or if) we get a great book review. But I received one the other day from a woman who liked my first novel Sissy! and after she read my second one, All Parts Together, she liked that one even more. 

I guess what you do with a good book review is you study it to see whether you can replicate this in your next book. If you did something particularly well, take note, because you want to continue with that.  But if something did not work out, use this as a learning tool the next time around. However, bear in mind that a reviewer is always giving her own opinion about a book. It could be that another person might be in total disagreement. A successful writer named Irwin Shaw once said “All writers are the same—they forget a thousand good reviews and remember one bad one.”

I think the way to look at book reviews—whether good or bad—is that they represent the opinion of one person. BUT if you get a whole bunch of bad reviews then you may need to re-examine your book…or you can go on to your next book and consider (but not necessarily agree with) the comments they have made.

As an aside, I would like to mention that I have six new books (plus a short story) out myself and I hope some reader will come along and read them. (Actually you can sample the first 20% of any of them for no charge.)  My six are all Ebooks with the following titles:

Sissy! by Tom Mach (a historical novel of 1862-1863)

An Innocent Murdered by Tom Mach (an unusual mystery whodunnit novel

All Parts Together by Tom Mach (a historical novel of 1863-1865)

ADVENT by Tom Mach (thriller—with two conflicting scenarios about earth’s final demise

STORIES TO ENJOY by Tom Mach (a collection of 16 short stories with O. Henry-like twists)

HOMER THE ROAMER by Tom Mach (a delightful story about a cat who got an adventure he didn’t want)

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